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magical immersive space….”

The Vortex Dome Los Angeles is a fulldome CineTheater venue owned and operated by Vortex Immersion Media. It was designed and installed by the founder of Vortex Immersion Media, Ed Lantz in 2010, and is located in downtown Los Angeles on the private secure lot of Los Angeles Center Studios, a full service media production facility.

The Vortex Dome CineTheater sits on the rooftop patio of the Beaudry Building overlooking the magnificent Downtown LA skyline directly north across the 110 freeway from the iconic Bonaventure Hotel. Through Vortex Immersion Media, the dome operates as an innovation lab, hosts an AIR: Artist In Residence program, and serves as a facility to present both private and public events, and media shoots.

The Vortex Dome is a 360 immersive CineTheater. It can accommodate 240 people standing and 110 sitting. It can also accommodate 70 people for a sit-down dinner that would include a small stage.

“The Vortex Dome provides a group VR
experience without the headset…”

The dome inspires creativity and has been utilized for many innovative and unique mixed-media immersive experiences. We’ve hosted such original productions as; 360 cinema, 360 immersive ballet and musicals, 360 live music+art concerts, 360 EDM parties, performance art, poetry readings, immersive theater, traditional film screenings, workshops, book presentations, meditations, premiere parties, record release parties, and immersive dining experiences. Additionally, the dome is also a very unique and versatile shooting set, and has been used for productions such as; two 60 Minute episodes, a dance pilot for MTV, as a futuristic set for a sci-fi feature film, a location for the TV series Castle, as a set for a Jay Z music video, and for several other music videos and projects.

Additionally, our creative team can also provide traditional video production and or 360 live-streaming services which can also be distributed directly into a VR headset.

The Vortex Dome CineTheater is located on the rooftop patio of the Beaudry Building with a beautiful view of the Downtown LA skyline. The Beaudry and the patio area can be rented to accommodate additional guests and activities. Corporate events such as product introductions or VIP parties can be held here. For a quote, additional information, or a tour of the venue please visit our contact page.

Here is a PDF with more information about the Vortex Dome LA.

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